A liitle about the repeater

Both repeaters are located HERE, on the roof of Bath University overlooking the historic city of Bath

GB3UB is the 70cm 433mhz voice repeater and operates on 433.100/434.700mhz, ctcss 118.8hz. It uses a converted Storno base station using G8CUL logic running 10w to two Jaybeam folded dipoles. It provides hand-held coverage around the city of Bath, out towards Chippenham, down towards Midsomer Norton and across towards Westbury. It is internet linked via Echolink (node no. 201135 )
MB7UB is the APRS data digipeater.

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22 December 2017

UB site update.

Following a meeting at the UNI today this is the current situation.

1. There are alternative roof's  being considered. These are lower  (still good site)than the present, however, they only seem to have restricted view to the North, and will mean we will have easier access.
3. When the equipment is moved it will need to put it into a cabinet and ensure that it is regularly checked and safely maintained. 

There are plenty of radio amateurs on campus who are keen to support this and we anticipate that we can identify and propose a new site in early January.

So there we are chaps. I will not name anyone (unless they own up) until everything is sorted and I can thank everyone in the appropriate manner. In the mean time thank you to everyone. And have a great Christmas.

17 December 2017

Work behind the scenes

Just to let you know there is work going on behind the scenes. However, operation from the  current location on site will definitely cease. At this stage I am grateful that some one was able to secure the equipment for us. I have discovered that UB started in the 1970's so 40 years old! Hopefully, we can start some negotiations in the new year. Due to the sensitive situation I would ask that no individual contact is made to the new site owner or the Uni.

16 December 2017

Loss of site and close down.

It is with deep regret that after over 30 years of continuous use I have to announce that GB3UB, MB7UB and GB3UT with cease operation with almost immediate effect. This is due to the site changing owner. A new location will be looked for but finding one as good as the Uni will, I fear be impossible. I understand the cost of a typical site is around £5000 per year!
Of course this could be end of one era and the start of another, but UB has always successfully been run on a shoestring. Maybe someone will donate a few thousand pounds and we end up with a dual mode repeater in the Bath area. Still time will tell and I will post any updates on this site.